How We Help You Get a “Yes” to New Security Gear

When Guardian 8 first formed back in 2008, we were motivated by a single goal: to create a solution to the problem that made being a security guard one of the most hazardous jobs there are. We knew it would revolutionize professional security when we created a new category called Enhanced Non-Lethal. We assembled a team of experts representative of the best in the industry, including companies like TASER, Digital Ally and Garmin. We incorporated the technology of companies like Sabre Red, BladeTech and Bluetooth. We patented our own precision OC stream to create a product that filled the role of an “intermediate” response – as I like to say, between talking to ’em and shooting at ’em.

Seven years later, research is still at the heart of our marketing and sales efforts. We know hard facts are key to helping healthcare facilities, schools and professional security contractors to adopt a brand new concept like intermediate response. In light of that, we’ve decided to make research and data readily available to you in one central location: the Guardian 8 Knowledge Base. This comprehensive collection of data and resources comes from Guardian 8, our clients, and third party researches, writers and experts. It includes infographics, articles, blog posts, press releases, case studies, videos and more — essential information about the Pro V2 and the  data to help you successfully discover, evaluate and propose new security gear.

The Knowledge Base is intended for those who are responsible for the security function in an organization, and also for the process of researching, evaluating and gaining internal support for a proposed solution. To help you, we have organized resources into three downloadable “Go Bags” that correspond to stages in the typical adoption process for acquiring new security equipment. Research, Evaluation and Peer Discussion Go Bags each build upon the previous one so you can expand your understanding as you move through the adoption process.

If you’re considering adding intermediate ENL response to your security protocol and need support as you champion your cause, first — call us — and visit our Knowledge Base. We’re certain this resource will help you make your security safer, smarter and stronger.

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