We appreciate the amount of research that goes into introducing a new tool to your company. At Guardian 8, our mission is to make the security industry better through safer, smarter and stronger non-lethal tools. Our tool fills an urgent need, and we’re passionate about changing the conversation. We want to help you provide a better security option to your company so your officers can go home safely each night.

This eBook details a process we've practice and documented, start to finish, within our most successful client implementations. You'll gain knowledge to be successful such as: 

  • Why it's so important that you know EXACTLY what problem you are trying to solve. 
  • Research you need to make your case 
  • Comparison of the Pro V2 to other types of products
  • How to create a useful evaluation of a product
  • Setting up a successful peer review of your proposed tool 

Combined with the resources easily accessible on our Knowledge Base, this eBook will get you started and move your new proposed security protocols toward implementation.  



Download "The Pro V2 Adoption Process eBook