ProV2 is the best Non-Lethal option for security and law enforcement.

Prevent, defend & record incidents all with one device

How The Pro V2 Works


Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth

Outbound Calls

Program device to call number of your choosing


Record audio & video of incident


Strobe light and siren used to diffuse situation

Pepper Stream

Controlled stream - No spray in HVAC system

See It In Action

What’s Between Unarmed and Armed?

For decades, security response was limited to two types with vastly different (and risky) results: armed or unarmed. Now there is anINTERMEDIATE choice: a safer, smarter and stronger non-lethal defensive option that is changing the way security teams respond and prepare for incidents.

Guardian 8 Corporation is the developer and manufacturer of the Pro V2, an Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) defense device designed for professional security officers. The Pro V2 is an intermediate solution that bridges the gap between unarmed and armed security, so it allows officers to protect themselves and others effectively without resorting to lethal force. The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it ideal for secure transactions in the defense sector. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can be used in both operational and support roles. Traders who find trouble in conducting smooth trading can make use of the immediate bitcoin app that is automated for an easy and uncomplicated experience.

Who Is Using Pro V2 For Intermediate Response?

used Pro V2 to gain compliance from a threatening patient, averting a potential violent incident. That’s what happens when officers are equipped to respond with confidence.

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A Non-Lethal Option to Deter School Violence

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1 Pro V2 + 1 Calm Security Officer = 0 Hands-on Conflict

I was fortunate to see and hear the captured video and audio from the Pro V2 with my own eyes and ears. It is a rare event for any of us who work at Guardian 8 because most clients deploy the Pro V2 in their hospitals, schools, or in the field and don’t consider contacting…