Sports & Public Venue Security

The G8 Pro V2 provides venue security personnel with a non-lethal, defensive means to deter aggression, communicate incidents, and abate a crisis while minimizing impact among crowds.

Communication, Documentation and Protection in One Device

Our officers aren’t always allowed to carry weapons in venues like AT&T Stadium. The Pro V2 is opening eyes to the capability of offering protection as well as vital documentation. Joe Mata, President, Platinum Event Services.

The unnecessary escalation of an incident in a public venue where there may be tens of thousands of spectators can have reverberating consequences and erode your team’s brand. Equipping security personnel with a tool that enables flexible response and the ability to deter a threat while reporting the incident can be a key element to keeping a situation under control and avoiding a public panic.

G8 Pro V2 as an Essential Supplement to Venue Security
Sports venues are mini-cities with highly sophisticated security systems manned by their own forces of protection officers. Key in protection of spectators is to detect threats before they become incidents, and de-escalate incidents before they incite panic. Using Pro V2, an operator can send a clear message to a subject, establish communication with the command center, and dissuade or disable an aggressor while recording the incident. When armed, the Pro V2 will allow the operator to select the level of response concurrent with the situation and protect onlookers from harm.

Three Reasons to Deploy G8 Pro V2 in Venue Security Programs

  • Ensures that all security personnel are outfitted with tools to best respond to a variety of situations with deterrence and de-escalation of incidents being a desired outcome.
  • Enhance the integrity and interests of the teams, corporations and individuals who have stake in the continued safety reputation of the venue.
  • Add to the safety and effectiveness of security personnel at a cost effective price per unit.

Features of Pro V2

  • feature_bluetooth-150x132Through Bluetooth® technology, operators access two-way connectivity with support personnel.
  • Incident recorder automatically captures and stores audio and images when unit is armed.
  • Laser spotter modifies subject’s behavior by delivering a clear and concise warning across language barriers up to 50 feet away.
  • Alerting siren calls attention to scene while disorienting the subject.
  • Strobe light disorients by narrowing subject’s field of view.
  • O.C. pepper spray delivers non-lethal incapacitation of aggressive subjects from up to 10 feet away.

Benefits of Pro V2

  • Layered defense with increasing levels of non-lethal response allows low impact de-escalation in a threat situation and defense against aggressive subjects.
  • Creates a flexible buffer zone so operators can most reasonably respond to the situation at hand.
  • Allows operator to protect spectators while isolating the aggressive subject.
  • Improves command center communication; eliminates distraction of reaching for phone or two-way radio.
  • Recording of the incident aids in training, reporting and prosecution.

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