Go bag research

We have created a comprehensive collection of industry research and introductory information about the Pro V2 to get you started.  You can find research and articles to help you become more familiar with how the Pro V2 can help your organization.

Healthcare Industry Research

Here you can find helpful information regarding the healthcare industry including articles, white papers, videos and other valuable information.  The healthcare industry has a unique set of issues with violence and some states are beginning to mandate violence reductions for healthcare facilities.

Welcome to the Guardian 8 Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Guardian 8 Knowledge Base. This page contains helpful resources about the Pro V2 and the security industry to assist you as you move through the adoption process. Additionally, we've compiled highlights of these tips in a helpful eBook.

It's important to learn as much as you can before you invest in a new tool for your security forces. That's why we've compiled free materials in the go bags above about the Pro V2, workplace violence, healthcare statistics, response plans, psychological research and more. The three go bags correspond to three distinct stages in the adoption process shown below: Research, Evaluation and Peer Discussion. Although all resources are available to you, we strongly encourage you to proceed through the Go Bags in order.

We hope these go bags give you the information you need to make your company’s security response safer, smarter and stronger.