The G8 Pro V2 enhanced non-lethal (ENL) device empowers security professionals with layered defense options for de-escalation and personal protection, command center communication, and incident recording.


A New Level of Personal Defense for Security Professionals

Security officers are largely outmatched when it comes to defending themselves at their posts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the fatality rate among security guards has grown to twice the national average, and more than 60% of guard deaths are the result of a violent act, as opposed to falls or other causes. Considering these statistics, it is clear that security officers need tools that do the job of protecting people and property, and protect guards themselves from harm.

G8 Pro V2 as an Essential Tool for Professional Security
Even with all the pieces in place for protecting a venue, buildings, a workplace, or a company, the most essential piece is still human. The professional security industry has a 400% turnover because the high personal risk and constant stress burn out security guards.

Distance + Time = Safety. For security professionals this is an important equation, particularly when considering the types of items on a guard’s duty belt. The tools on the belt should help maximize the time a guard has to react to a threat while keeping that threat at a safe distance. The Pro V2 prepares security personnel with a flexible device that protects their safety and allows measured response with the ability to incapacitate aggressive subjects from a distance, while alerting the command center to an incident as soon as the device is armed.

Three Reasons to Equip Protection Officers with the G8 Pro V2

  • Helps guards avoid vigilance fatigue and burnout by providing an optimum level of personal protection.
  • Vastly increases the ability of security professionals to respond without escalating the use of force.
  • Keeps guards on the job and confident in their safety and effectiveness while reducing operational costs.

Features of Pro V2

  • Through Bluetooth® technology, feature_bluetooth-150x132guards access two-way connectivity with support personnel.
  • Incident recorder automatically captures and stores audio and images when unit is armed.
  • Laser spotter modifies subject’s behavior by delivering a clear and concise warning across language barriers up to 50 feet away.
  • Alerting siren calls attention to scene while disorienting the subject.
  • Strobe light disorients by narrowing subject’s field of view.
  • O.C. pepper spray delivers non-lethal incapacitation of aggressive subjects up to 10 feet away.
  • Device functions can be customized to meet a company’s policies and needs.

Benefits of Pro V2

  • Layered defense with increasing levels of non-lethal response allows low impact de-escalation in a threat situation and defense against aggressive subjects.
  • Creates a flexible buffer zone so guards can most reasonably respond to the situation at hand.
  • Improves command center communication; eliminates distraction of reaching for phone or two-way radio.
  • Protects not only guards but also the security administrators, the companies they work for and the subjects.
  • Creates training feedback loop to improve and enhance future guard training.

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