Corporate Executive Security

The G8 Pro V2 is a flexible addition to an executive security protection plan that allows risk mitigation and appropriate response to situations, ensuring communication and de-escalation of a threat.


One Tool Simplifies Complex Risks in Executive Protection

A successful professional protection program includes highly specialized training and flexibility to respond in situations that may involve residential, workplace and public venue issues. Equipping the protection officer with the Pro V2 increases the options for response situations, such as public areas, hospitals or schools, which may prohibit or discourage the use of lethal force.

G8 Pro V2 as an Essential Tool for Executive Protection
Corporate executive and high net worth individuals can face threats at any time and any place, but not any defense device is appropriate for all situations. The Pro V2 prepares security personnel with a flexible device that protects their safety and allows measured response with the ability to incapacitate aggressive subjects from a distance, while recording the incident and calling for backup. As a supplement to the tools for a protection professional, the Pro V2 can deter aggressive subjects, keep them at a distance, and assure that the use of force does not escalate unnecessarily.


Three Reasons to Equip Protection Officers with Pro V2

  • Can be used legally in any state, venue or situation without risk to company interests or the safety of the principals and other team members.


  • Vastly increase the ability of protection professionals to respond without escalating the use of force.


  • Pro V2 is the perfect tool for situations where deterrence and incident reporting are paramount objectives.



Features of Pro V2

  • Laser spotter modifies subject’s behavior by delivering a clear and concise warning across language barriers up to 50 feet away.


  • Incident recorder automatically captures and stores audio and images when unit is armed.


  • Bluetooth® access provides push-to-talk connection with support personnel and team members.


  • Alerting siren calls attention to scene while disorienting the subject.


  • Strobe light disorients by narrowing subject’s field of view.


  • O.C. pepper spray delivers non-lethal incapacitation of aggressive subjects from up to 10 feet away.


  • Can be used in locations where contact stun devices and firearms are prohibited by law.



Benefits of Pro V2

  • Layered defense with increasing levels of non-lethal response allows de-escalation in a threat situation and defense against aggressive subjects.


  • Safe, legal and non-lethal in every situation.


  • Creates a flexible buffer zone so protection officers can most reasonably respond to the situation at hand.


  • Improves command center and team communication; eliminates distraction of reaching for phone or two-way radio.


  • Protects not only guards but also the interests of the companies they work for and the principals.



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