Training & Certification

Do you know why ENL should be part of your incident response?

If you’re unsure about using enhanced non-lethal, this course is for you.


Become a subject matter expert in non-lethal response and learn to how and why the G8 Pro V2 can lower risk to your security teams.

Guardian 8’s Train the Trainer Instructor Course prepares you to equip your security force with the Pro V2 and deliver an INTERMEDIATE approach to incident response using enhanced non-lethal technology.

Pro V2 Train the Trainer is Ongoing! Here are cities where we recently conducted courses. Contact us to schedule a class near you or attend a class at our Scottsdale HQ training center.

Aurora, CO
St. Louis, MO
Reno, NV
Fresno, CA
Dallas, TX
Putnam, CT
Las Vegas, NV
Des Moines, IA
Atlanta, GA

 To verify your eligibility please call (480) 426-1005, email [email protected].



Why TRAIN THE TRAINER is Essential

As a certified Pro V2 Instructor, you’ll be eligible to receive a testing and evaluation Pro V2 unit, holster, pepper spray practice canisters, course materials and access to proprietary software to deploy Pro V2 in your workplace to help determine if this is the solution for your security program and response plan.

Attend and you will learn:

  • How enhanced non-lethals change the odds for security officers – and those in your facilities
  • How to build a more confident, skilled security staff
  • When and where enhanced non-lethal is the appropriate response
  • Hands-on security incident scenario drills with the Pro V2
  • 3 levels of defense for de-escalating a threat
  • How to use Pro V2 software to access detailed usage and activation logs
  • The value of complete audio/video incident documentation

G8 Pro V2 TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSE is the best way to familiarize a representative from your company with the dynamic features and functions of the Pro V2 enhanced non-lethal (ENL) device and is essential for properly integrating our solution within your organization. Security professionals also have the chance to network with each other and share their own experiences with Use of Force policies and procedures. Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be granted certification as instructors for usage of the G8 Pro V2 within their organizations.


What You’ll Learn

Course attendees learn how to handle and integrate the Pro V2 into security programs, covering all aspects including:

  • Features & benefits
  • Usage and application
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Customization of the device
  • Software usage and downloading reports


How Past Attendees Rated TRAIN THE TRAINER:


  • 89% rated the course superior or very good compared to other training they’ve received
  • 98% rated the instructors as superior or very good
  • 99% of students felt highly confident or good about their ability to teach others

Previous students found the following aspects of Train the Trainer to be most beneficial for their employers:

  • Hands on exercises, role playing and live scenarios
  • Understanding of data management, software use
  • Using audio/video for incident documentation, liability protection, and guard training
  • Overall practical application of the Pro V2 in the field
  • Learning the 3 levels of defense for de-escalating a threat
  • Customization of Pro V2

Course graduates expressed they were eager to take what they learned to help their organizations:

  • Understand the features, benefits and uniqueness of the Pro V2
  • Practice role playing exercises and live scenarios
  • Adapt audio/video usage for incident documentation
  • Develop policies & procedures for usage of the Pro V2
  • Build guard confidence with a new non-lethal defense tool