Research and Data

Download industry data, articles and research and supporting documentation from Guardian 8.

FGCU: Study on Effectiveness of Less Lethal Weapons
OSHA: Enforcement Procedures for Investigating or Inspecting Workplace Violence
ASIS International: Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention
Epilepsy Foundation: Shedding Light on Photosensitivity (Research On Strobe Effects)
Nat. Institute of Justice: Evaluation of Pepper Spray
Nat. Institute of Justice: OC Effect on Breathing Electronic Surveillance Laws



Information Downloads

  • Intermediate Response (PDF) Yes! There is an alternative to armed or unarmed security. Learn about the new option of “intermediate defense.”

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  •  Executive Briefing: Reducing Legal Liabilities and Operations Risk Through Enhanced Non-Lethal Devices(PDF) Sometimes getting internal approval to implement new security protocols meets resistance at the Risk, Legal and Financial decision-makers. Share this briefing to help clarify why Intermediate Response lowers costs, reduces risk, and improves the overall security operation.

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  • CMS and Guardian 8 (zip) Conference call with Capt. Victoria Vachon from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding core issues surrounding the use of force protocols in a hospital setting. Contains the following:
    • CMS & Guardian 8 Call 18Nov14 (MP4)
    • From Journal of Healthcare Protection Management v 30 (pdf)
    • Transcript of Call 18Nov14 (pdf)

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