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    Posted by Troy Sherman on Jul 1, 2013 5:25:00 AM



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    G8 Pro V2 by Guardian 8 Corporation

    The G8 Pro V2 is an enhanced nonlethal, lightweight duty belt device designed to arm security guards. Legal to use in all 50 U.S. states as well as internationally, this tool provides multiple layers of defense, a command center communication link, and incident recordings of both audio and images.

    An alternative to traditional security devices such as batons, pepper spray, and weaponized flashlights that tend to focus on the user/threat interaction, the G8 Pro V2 integrates several non-lethal technologies and a communications platform for a safer personal defense solution.

    The G8 Pro V2’s layered defense is deployed via three distinct actions; arming the unit, partially pulling the trigger, and fully pulling the trigger. Each action delivers a different response which provides users maximum flexibility when responding to threatening subjects. These layered defense levels include: Level 1—the G8 Pro V2 laser spotter, high resolution HD camera, and autorecord functionality can be used in an attempt to modify a subject’s behavior; Level 2—guards can send a pre-recorded message via their mobile phone, enable push-to-talk communication with the command center, and use an alerting siren and strobe light to call attention to the incident and disorient the subject; and Level 3—users can activate O.C. pepper spray to incapacitate aggressive subjects from up to 10' away.

    The G8 Pro V2 provides ambidextrous controls, a rechargeable battery with capacity gauge, and a user interface that offers facility managers the flexibility to control or deactivate features to suit their security policies and protocols. The product measures 6.9" H x 1.5" W x 5.8" D, weighs approximately 8 ounces loaded, and has an operating range of 0°F to 120°F.

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