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    Oh Canada! It's Time to Improve Hospital Security

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Mar 23, 2015


    This post appeared originally on LinkedIn.

    Violent attacks on hospital staff are not limited to the United States. Recently, Canada has experienced high profile assaults that have left defenseless workers injured.

    The Vancouver Sun reports a nurse at Abbotsford Regional Hospital in British Columbia was the victim of a "vicious attack" by a patient in the emergency room. The B.C. Nurses' Union is calling for better training for hospital staff and more security guards in emergency rooms. "The health employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees," said union Vice President Christine Sorensen.

    Lawmakers agree that something has to be done. Bob Bromley, a member of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly, is calling for increased security at the Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife.

    He cited a recent incident where a patient injured three hospital employees and caused thousands of dollars in damage. The Yellowknife hospital is in the process of conducting an independent security analysis to see what changes are needed. In the interim, more security guards have been added.

    Bromley addressed the legislature recently calling for a number of changes.“Threats to Stanton Territorial staff are real, immediate and quantified. The time for study is over. Staff are being physically and mentally harmed and there are serious vulnerabilities with potential for much greater harm. Action is clearly needed now."

    At Guardian 8, we agree that hospitals need to re-evaluate security and ensure guards are well trained. They also need to have the latest tools available to protect both workers and the public. That's why Guardian 8 created the Pro V2 non-lethal defense device.

    The Pro V2 provides a layered defense for security professionals, and offers an intermediate security option between armed and unarmed security guards. The Pro V2 is designed for use at hospitals, school campuses, sporting arenas and more. While the device is not yet available in Canada, it is a smart option in the United States. Hospitals in Michigan, California, Massachusetts and Texas are among those now using the device to protect employees.

    Evaluate your security situation. Ask yourself, do I have the latest equipment to help protect my employees? Then look at the benefits of the Pro V2 and learn more.

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