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    It Can Happen Here, There, and Anywhere

    Posted by Eric Myers on Aug 3, 2015

    A broken nose, eye socket, and a hearty insurance claim to boot...

    Of all the places for a security officer to get assaulted, you wouldn't think a horse racing track would be one of them.

    But that kind of thinking (assuming violence can't happen "here") inevitably leads to someone getting hurt, right?


    Just look at this recent case in New York where an unarmed officer was assaulted and severely injured by an aggressor for no apparent reason. The suspect even stole the security officer's car following the assault.

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    Boston Area Hospital to Use New Security Device

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Apr 6, 2015


    This article was originally published by the Boston Herald on April 5, 2015.

    By Jordan Graham

    Newton-Wellesley Hospital will be rolling out new, non-lethal devices for its security staff in the coming weeks, as hospitals across the country have seen an increase in violent attacks by patients.

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    Don't Gamble Away Your Security Company's Future

    Posted by Gary Kuty on Apr 6, 2015


    If you’re interested in improving sales, marketing, technology, hiring and liability practices at your security contractor company, then join us us on June 23 at Bally's Las Vegas for this special event.

    Security Industry Seminar: Don't Gamble Away Your Company's Future – Winning Strategies for Increased Growth

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015 | Bally's Las Vegas

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    Making Malls Safer with Non-Lethal Defense

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Mar 3, 2015


    This post appeared originally on LinkedIn.

    In the past few days, Homeland Security has warned shopping malls in the United States to be on alert after a Somali militant group released a video calling for attacks on American shopping centers. While the threat of terrorism is real and needs to be taken seriously, malls also need to address other security concerns that are much more likely to occur than a terrorist attack.

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    Using De-Escalation Technology to Reduce Violence in America

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Mar 3, 2015


    As a CEO, I’m most excited by companies that are using technology to make the world a safer place. And remarkably, I’ve been privileged enough to have been involved in two different companies that have been able to combine security and technology to create a better world.

    Digital Ally helped law enforcement departments upgrade their incident recording capabilities. At the time, believe it or not, police cars had big, heavy VCR recorders in their trunks that needed to be wired to the dashboards. Digital Ally pioneered the deployment of the digital dashcam in a way that made it accessible and affordable, leading to widespread adoption. This technology is now used in the majority of police cars today.

    There was no better feeling than going to sleep at night knowing that I was part of a company that was developing technology to make America safer.

    So, naturally, I couldn’t stop there.

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    How CEOs Use Non-Lethal Tools to Increase Safety, Decrease Risk

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Mar 3, 2015


    It hit me recently while I watched one of our intense instructor certification courses. The moment in front of me had been five years in the making.

    I spend many hours touting our product to anyone who will listen. I might speak with hospital leaders about the impact of our Pro V2 device on employee safety, cutting risk management and litigation costs. I might speak with a school executive about how the enhanced non-lethal devices like the Pro V2 are a new piece of the puzzle for campus security – a new way to help protect students and staff, an intermediate response between armed and unarmed campus security.

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