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    Assaults in Healthcare: Epidemic or Status Quo?

    A Non-Lethal Option to Deter School Violence

    1 Pro V2 + 1 Calm Security Officer = 0 Hands-on Conflict

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    This Doesn't Have to Happen

    3 Tips For Getting What You Want Without Using "Bad" Words

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    A Critical Conversation for Healthcare

    NBC Affiliate Profiles Pro V2 for School Safety

    Join Guardian 8 in Reducing School Violence

    Violence: Delta State University and Beyond

    A Lucky (Lethal) Shot?

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    Reflection in the Wake of Tragedy

    Quick-Thinking Officer Uses Pro V2 to Successfully De-Escalate a Potentially Violent Incident

    Overcome, Adapt, or Get Left Behind

    It Can Happen Here, There, and Anywhere

    Security Officers Fighting a Teenager: What Needs to Change?

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    4 Tips for Becomming a Great Leader in the Security Industry

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    Cameras Aren't Enough

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    A Real-World Illustration of Why the Security Industry NEEDS Enhanced Non-Lethal

    Free Virtual Panel 4/30: Decoding The CMS Rule Book for Dealing with Violent Patients, Guest Blog

    Free Virtual Panel 4/30: Reconciling CMS and OSHA Regulations for Dealing with Hospital Violence

    Free Virtual Panel 4/30: Decoding The CMS Rule Book For Dealing with Violent Patients

    Mall Cop 2: A Good Laugh, and a Timely Reminder

    Five Questions for: Eric Myers, Guardian 8's New Training Headmaster

    Understanding the CMS Rule Book for Dealing with Violent Patients

    Boston Area Hospital to Use New Security Device

    Don't Gamble Away Your Security Company's Future

    Security Guards Face Daily Risks; Proper Tools Can Keep Them Safe

    Meet The Top 50 Voices in U.S. Hospital Security

    How We Help You Get a "Yes" to New Security Gear

    Why Unarmed ER Security is a Recipe for Disaster

    Oh Canada! It's Time to Improve Hospital Security

    Peer Review: 5 Steps To Engineer Your Best Security Solution

    Hospital Security is in Critical Condition; Changes Needed STAT!

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    Officer Safety Compromised Without Defensive Tools

    Making Malls Safer with Non-Lethal Defense

    Using De-Escalation Technology to Reduce Violence in America

    The most common workplace violence is...

    Hospital-Based Security

    How CEOs Use Non-Lethal Tools to Increase Safety, Decrease Risk

    Non-Fatal Violence in K-12 Schools [Infographic]

    1 in 3 U.S. Hospitals Report Rise in Violence [Infographic]

    Why OC is Guardian 8's Non-Lethal Tool of Choice [Infographic]

    5 Indispensable Hospital Security Tips

    Preventing Violence in Schools: New Device Has Intermediate Solution

    A Practical Guide to Non-Lethal Hospital Security [Free eBook]

    High Tech Answer For 2015 Security Concerns: Enhanced Non-Lethal

    A Guide To Healthcare Security Regulatory Agencies [Free Infographic]

    A game changer for event security at high profile events

    Guardian 8 offers Non-Lethal Alternative for Security Industry

    Incident Recording: A Positive Impact on Injuries & Risk

    Is Workplace Violence a Form of Terrorism?

    How Workplace Violence Affects Hospital Workers [Infographic]

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