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    Hospital Security is in Critical Condition; Changes Needed STAT!

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Mar 13, 2015


    This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

    Security is a major concern for the hospital industry. With violent incidents on the rise, hospitals are looking for new ways to protect patients and staff from potential threats.

    St. John's Hospital in Maplewood, Minn. is still reeling from an attack last fall that left four staff members injured. Video of the attack shows the panic that occurred when a man went on a rampage chasing workers with a metal object.

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports state lawmakers have taken notice. Two bills have been introduced in the Minnesota legislature to protect hospital employees. Sen. Charles Wiger is among those leading the charge.

    “Violence against health care workers ... happens every day," Wiger said. “The incidents range from spitting and biting to kicking and punching to the use of anything within reach as a weapon against a health care worker."

    There were warning signs in the St. John's incident. The patient who attacked was admitted because of an "altered mental status," according to the newspaper.

    In a situation like that, security should have been alerted and precautions taken. Part of the solution is making sure hospital security guards have the right tools at the ready. A five-year study from the National Institute of Justice found safety is compromised when security guards don't have the proper tools to defend themselves.

    That's why Guardian 8 created the Pro V2 non-lethal defense device, which provides a layered defense for security professionals. The Pro V2 offers an intermediate security option between armed and unarmed security guards. To learn more about how the Guardian 8 Pro V2 operates, view this short video.

    The Pro V2 is perfect for hospitals, school campuses, sporting arenas and more. Hospitals in Detroit, California, Massachusetts and Texas are among those that have incorporated the Pro V2 into their security operations.

    Just as the Minnesota legislature is looking for new options to protect health care workers, you should examine if you are doing enough to protect workers and the public. Ask yourself if your security operations measure up to today's threats.

    I encourage you to look at the benefits of the Pro V2. We would be happy to answer your questions or schedule a private demonstration.


    Steve Cochennet is CEO of Guardian 8. He has worked with founders, engineers and security experts in the field of camera technology, first for law enforcement and now for the security industry. Connect with him on:

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