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    Quick-Thinking Officer Uses Pro V2 to Successfully De-Escalate a Potentially Violent Incident

    Posted by Eric Myers on Aug 13, 2015


    While on a phone call this morning with a ranking official from a healthcare facility in Ohio, we learned about an incident in which a security officer at the facility successfully deployed a Pro V2 unit to de-escalate a potentially violent incident.

    At first, we assumed that the officer recognized a potential threat and then drew and armed the Pro V2 to gain compliance. When we learned the full story, we were even more excited that the device did exactly what it was designed to do and that the officer utilized quick thinking under pressure to protect himself and others from harm.

    Here's the scoop:

    An intoxicated visitor, who was at the hospital to see a patient, was in the ER. The visitor was behaving in a disorderly manner and began approaching a nurse while screaming at her. The nurse was physically trapped in a corner as the visitor advanced on her, but a security officer who was in the ER at the time noticed what was happening and restrained the visitor. As he attempted to remove the visitor from the area, a struggle ensued. The officer recognized that further attempts to go hands on with the intoxicated visitor could result in physical injury to both parties, so he disengaged from the visitor to create distance and drew his Pro V2. He immediately activated the unit to Level 1, deploying the Laser Spotter and engaging the audio/video recording capability of the unit. The visitor stopped his aggressive behavior and obeyed the officer's verbal commands to leave the premises. 

    As the ranking official of the healthcare facility relayed to us, "The G8 Pro V2 did its intended job and de-escalated a potentially violent situation.”

    For our part, we're proud that the nurse, the officer, and the intoxicated visitor received no injuries in a situation that could have resulted in something far more serious.

    Kudos to the quick-thinking and well-trained officer. Well done!

    Now Training Headmaster for Guardian 8, Eric is a former law enforcement officer and previously led a creative cadre that specialized in creating, producing, and facilitating training events.

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