As a leader in your community, you are no doubt concerned about public safety. Recently, because of high profile incidents in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, those chartered to protect the public have come under increased scrutiny.

You’ve no doubt heard the growing calls to outfit police officers with body cameras to record any incident that may occur with the public. But what about security professionals who are not sworn law enforcement officers?

They have an obligation to protect the public too, but don’t always have the same resources as sworn law enforcement officers. For the last few years at Guardian 8, we have been working on a solution. We realized there had to be a better way.

That’s why we created the Pro V2 Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) defense device. It provides layered defense and can be used by anyone with proper training.

One of the most important features of the Pro V2 is that when activated, the device provides both an audio and video recording of the incident. There’s no speculation about what may have happened. The recording feature recently helped protect a security company in Texas from a frivolous lawsuit and claims of unnecessary force.schematic_Transparency

As you look for new options for public safety, keep in mind the Pro V2 is perfect for use in hospitals, school campuses, sporting arenas and more. Since its introduction, this non-lethal defense device has been embraced by companies and public venues throughout the United States.

As you consider laws to protect the public and better provide safety, I encourage you to look at the benefits of the Pro V2. We would be happy to answer your questions or schedule a demonstration.

Guardian 8 is working to make the private security industry safer, stronger, smarter and better.

To learn more about how the Guardian 8 Pro V2 operates, view this short video.