It hit me recently while I watched one of our intense instructor certification courses. The moment in front of me had been five years in the making.

I spend many hours touting our product to anyone who will listen. I might speak with hospital leaders about the impact of our Pro V2 device on employee safety, cutting risk management and litigation costs. I might speak with a school executive about how the enhanced non-lethal devices like the Pro V2 are a new piece of the puzzle for campus security – a new way to help protect students and staff, an intermediate response between armed and unarmed campus security.

From sales and orders to training, our message is being heard. Our device emphasizes a layered non-lethal defense approach for security officers. It also backs up an incident report with images, audio, and event logs detailing functions with 1-second accuracy. Already, the Pro V2 is being used by more than 100 pilot accounts across the nation from Arizona and Texas to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

We look ahead and see a day when the Pro V2 is standard security duty-belt equipment at hospitals, like at Covenant Health in Lubbock, Texas.

We see a day when the Pro V2 is standard equipment at corporate facilities, governmental agencies, and large theme parks such as one in California that is already using our defense device.

We see a day, too, when sports stadiums and venues include security carrying the Pro V2. The devices already paid off for a security service protecting an event at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, diffusing trouble and helping to refute a false claim of excessive force. Talk about ROI.

We have been working closely with the security industry for five years now, helping to develop, fine tune and then roll out a device that will help revolutionize the security industry. Without a doubt, the Pro V2 will bring added safety and documentation to security teams around the country.

The next time you or another member of your executive team is in Scottsdale, Arizona, come on by for an in-person demo. I would love to show you why we all are so excited about the Guardian 8 Pro V2.