In recent months, there has been considerable attention paid to the security industry, especially incidents that have resulted in fatal consequences. In December, CNN aired an investigative series called “Hired Guns” that highlighted a perceived lack of regulation and oversight in the private security industry.

While considerable airtime and resources were dedicated to this special report, one important element was missing. That is a look forward at an important new non-lethal option that can help change the industry and provide a vital tool for security guards.

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Guardian 8 Corp. has developed the Pro V2, an enhanced non-lethal device designed to defuse a situation before it gets out of control. The Pro V2 changes the equation of the ‘armed or unarmed’ industry debate, providing an alternative in between.

The Pro V2 is a multi-function tool with audio and video incident recording and two-way communication that can be used by security personnel. The Pro V2 has a series of non-lethal layered defenses, from a disorienting laser light and siren to a pepper spray stream.

The Pro V2 is designed for use in many settings including hospitals, sports venues, university campuses and shopping malls. Medical facilities, theme parks and businesses in numerous states are incorporating the device into their security operations, enjoying the peace of mind – and risk management benefits.

While CNN calls for more regulation, better oversight and improved training, it is upon the industry itself to continue to evolve and use the latest tools available to protect guards as well as the public.

Most professional security officers do a great job and provide a valuable service keeping the public safe and out of harm’s way. At Guardian 8, we’re working to incorporate the latest technology to help make them safer, stronger, smarter and better.

Watch to see the Pro V2 in action: