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    3 Tips For Getting What You Want Without Using "Bad" Words

    Posted by Eric Myers on Nov 6, 2015


    I'll confess...

    I'm guilty of occasionally letting my tongue slip and saying something I shouldn't. Sometimes those slip ups involve the use of colorful language, and I'll admit that I often reflect on how it impacts my perceived professionalism. Maybe it affects my credibility when I do that. Perhaps I lose my audience when they hear a flippant "bad" word come from my mouth. Regardless, I need to constantly practice using the right (professional) language to make sure I put my best foot forward.

    Similarly, I have noticed how using certain words that are second nature to security-minded professionals can rub non-security personnel the wrong way and hinder efforts to introduce new safety tools into the fold. It's as if "security speak" is a four letter word!

    For example, have you ever tried to talk about use of force or threat assessments with administrators who don't have security, military, or law enforcement experience? I can almost guarantee the only words they heard were, "FORCE" and "THREAT" without knowing the proper context or meaning behind what you were trying to communicate. Chances are, the administrator overreacted to hearing these "bad" words and completely shut down even though you were trying to make a solid case for upgrading your security equipment. From what I have seen and heard, using typical security verbiage with administrators is a sure-fire way to figuratively shoot yourself in the foot when you are trying to take steps to better protect your officers and the facility under your care.

    If you want to be more effective in selling new tools to your administration, consider these three hot tips to avoid the perception of using "bad" language when talking about security matters with administrators.


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    Pro V2 is the "Top Story" on Texas CBS News Station

    Posted by Eric Myers on Oct 21, 2015

    The Pro V2 enjoyed a little more time in the spotlight when it was featured on a Texas CBS affiliate's evening news as the "Top Story" of the day.

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    A Critical Conversation for Healthcare

    Posted by Eric Myers on Oct 12, 2015

    If someone paid you $30, would you let them assault you?

    Would you allow them to push you and yell at you?

    What if you didn't know exactly when it was going to happen, but the person told you it would be between 11 PM and 7 AM when most "normal" folks are sleeping?

    Do you think you'd feel safe or at peace during that window of time?

    Unless you have a particular interest in being a victim, your answers to all of these questions are probably a fairly emphatic, "No!"

    I'm glad.

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    NBC Affiliate Profiles Pro V2 for School Safety

    Posted by Eric Myers on Oct 5, 2015

    Against the backdrop of the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, a local NBC affiliate based in Washington State profiled Guardian 8's Pro V2 Enhanced Non-Lethal device as part of a story on school safety.

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    Join Guardian 8 in Reducing School Violence

    Posted by Eric Myers on Sep 21, 2015


    Will you join me and the rest of the Guardian 8 team in our commitment to reducing school violence?

    I ask because I've grown so tired of reading stories about student-on-staff violence like this:


    and student-on-student violence like this:


    And if reading the description of the student-on-student incident above doesn't impact you enough, here's the video (WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS QUITE DISTURBING):


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    Violence: Delta State University and Beyond

    Posted by Eric Myers on Sep 14, 2015

    The school shooting in Mississippi at Delta State University that resulted in the death of history professor Ethan Schmidt is another reminder that violence can strike anywhere at anytime. The small town of Cleveland, Mississippi is the last place you'd expect an active shooter situation to force a school into lock down, but that was the same sentiment in places like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and even Blacksburg.

    And while the investigation is ongoing and a suspect has yet to be found as of this posting, there are some universal truths about violence we know:

    • Violence knows no geographic boundaries.
    • It does not discriminate based on population and is not independent of socioeconomic status.
    • It is a cancer that can sometimes spring up where we least expect it, and it is surely difficult to eliminate from our existence.

    Human history is riddled with it, but I believe there are still hallowed locations that should be untouched by it and immune from it.

    • Violence should never be able to encroach on our children's schools, regardless of whether it is student-on-student, student-on-staff, or staff-on-staff aggression.
    • It should never rear its head in a care facility where medical staff are sworn to do no harm.
    • It should stray far from places of worship where hands should only lift in praise and not victimized surrender.
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