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    Ty is President, Security Systems & Technology and National Accounts for Universal Services of America. He oversees the national account and vertical market specialization practices across the company with a focus on delivering enterprise security services.
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    Peer Review: 5 Steps To Engineer Your Best Security Solution

    Posted by Ty Richmond on Mar 18, 2015


    Rapid advancements in security systems integration, security technologies and officers’ response tools have enabled hospitals to develop security and risk mitigation apparatus that are far more proactive, more preventative and more strategic than ever before. A case in point: the application, integration and flow of data intelligence enables hospital security to make decisions at a very rapid pace and on a global basis. On the ground, security officers who are well-informed by timely and critical information and intelligence and carry enhanced non-lethal response tools can be far more effective at deescalating or subduing violent confrontations compared to underequipped peers.

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    Topics: Healthcare Security, private security

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