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    Non-Fatal Violence in K-12 Schools [Infographic]

    Posted by Susan Krause on Mar 3, 2015


    We created this infographic based on the most recent available crime data. Read about how enhanced non-lethal can be used to secure schools, or contact us.

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    Topics: campus safety, school security, School violence

    1 in 3 U.S. Hospitals Report Rise in Violence [Infographic]

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Mar 2, 2015


    Use this data to get the tools you need. 

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    Topics: Healthcare Security, Healthcare Violence

    Why OC is Guardian 8's Non-Lethal Tool of Choice [Infographic]

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Feb 26, 2015

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    5 Indispensable Hospital Security Tips

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Feb 19, 2015

    Last month, a lone gunman shot and killed Dr. Michael Davidson at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. By all accounts, Davidson was an outstanding doctor, husband and father of three with a fourth child on the way. No one saw it coming.

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    Topics: Healthcare Security, OC, body cameras, Healthcare Violence, private security

    Preventing Violence in Schools: New Device Has Intermediate Solution

    Posted by Steve Cochennet on Feb 17, 2015


    Violent incidents at schools have become all too common. As a result, elected officials, law enforcement and school administrators are always looking for an effective, non-lethal solution to keep students and faculty safe.

    While the media focus is on high profile incidents such as Columbine, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook, the sad reality is there are over 1,000 assaults, aggravated assaults, and dangerous incidents that happen on a nearly DAILY basis IN our schools around the country. Local officials and parents know the dangers students face. It’s time we do something to reduce the level of fear, injury and liability in our schools.

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    Topics: Security Industry, campus safety, School violence, non-lethal

    A Practical Guide to Non-Lethal Hospital Security [Free eBook]

    Posted by Paul Hughes on Feb 12, 2015

    Imagine looking around your waiting room and seeing scores of patients are waiting indefinitely in an uncomfortable environment, only to be asked highly personal questions. It’s a tense situation that can be easily exacerbated by perceived prejudices or hostile attitudes by hospital staff, or by the patient’s own mental instability or use of drugs or alcohol.

    Not surprisingly, ninety two percent of physical acts of violence or verbal threats are generated by the patients themselves, according to hospital and healthcare security expert Tony York. In fact, studies show that between one-third and one-half of all workers within emergency departments have faced acts of violence within the past year.

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    Topics: Healthcare Security, Healthcare Violence

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